Opportunity for Emerging Professional Musicians and the World

When the Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra welcomed its first emergent American musicians, it become a one-of-a-kind organization that serve as a bridge between schools of music and major symphony orchestras. The Orchestra has been conceived as a way to remove the professional and financial obstacles now encountered by music school graduates as they aspire to reach the professional pinnacle of joining major symphonies.

For most music school graduates, regardless of their talent and skill, graduation from a school of music marks the end of their artistic development. They must take employment outside the world of professional music. More importantly, there is no organization that offers them the platform on wich they can develop their artistic gifts to the level required by major symphony orchestras.

The Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra where these young people can develop their talent while being paid a salary. Their experience is similar to that of playing with existing major orchestras. The musicians follow an intense, full-time program over an extended period of time determined by their individual needs to reach a level required by the major orchestras.

This proven model has worked well in other countries and has become a major source of talent for many of the finest orchestras. It differs from the hundreds of American youth orchestras that have provided rich experience and inspiration for tens of thousands of young American musicians. The TNSO picks up where these orchestras leave off by offering the next and most significant growth opportunity beyond music school for these young musicians.

The Toscanini New Symphony is the first American organization with this started purpose and the experience and infrastructure to serve that purpose.

The Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra is truly a gift to young musicians who will reach their full potential, to audiences that will experience the vibrancy of young gifted musicians and to generations of music lovers who will enjoy the performances of the Toscanini New Symphony’s young musicians as they take their places in so many great symphonies.

The Emergent Musicians

An American Home and a Global Stage

While the Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra is based in New York City and Los angeles, it perform in major U.S. cities and cultural capitals throughout the world. Its members will have the opportunity to grow through the experience of preparing for and taking part in these performances.


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The Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra’s musicians will be selected by a committee who will review the applicants biographical background, letters of recommendation, audition video and a performance of a solo piece and required orchestral excerpts provided by the TNSO.

The Toscanini New Symphony will collaborate with conservatories of music, colleges and universities to develop awareness of the program and serve as application feeders.

It is anticipated that 60 musicians will be chosen the first year and, eventually, 70 will be in residence each year. The musicians will spend more time each year with the TNSO as they proceed to completing their experience and moving on to a major orchestra